Pandora Marketing Campaign

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Pandora Marketing Campaign

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This is old news, but I thought I would write this here rather than in another thread and be off topic.

I lost interest in Pandora, in 2021, when they did their huge marketing effort on a fake issue.  They made a big deal about how they would stop using natural diamonds in their product lines when in reality they only had one or two items with one or two natural melee set in them.  They made it seem as though they would have to revamp how they existed as a company, when in reality they just had to tweak one or two designs.  And sadly, the mainstream media ate it up.  Jewelry media was not impressed.

Pandora Stops Using Mined Diamonds, A Product It Rarely Used

Pandora dropping natural diamonds is 'completely irrelevant' - Lucara Diamond

Diamond Industry Blasts Pandora’s Positioning of Move to Lab Grown Only

Natural diamond organisations protest Pandora statement

Meanwhile ...

Jeweler Pandora Takes Ethical Stand Against Mined Diamonds

Pandora says laboratory-made diamonds are forever

Pandora to stop selling mined diamonds

Pandora jewellery brand says it will stop selling mined diamonds: Chain becomes first big retailer to completely switch to lab-grown stones, amid ethical concerns

Pandora ditching mined diamonds for lab-grown ones: The move by the world’s biggest jeweler reflects consumer demand for sustainability and ethical sourcing

Pandora, world's largest jewelry marker, will no longer use mined diamonds

Jewelry maker Pandora will stop selling mined diamonds, focus on lab-grown ones

... garbage.

Great marketing though.
Take care, and God bless.
Javier Odom - Walt's Jewelers
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Re: Pandora Marketing Campaign

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