Howto Choose and Compare 3D CAD Software for Jewelry Design?

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Howto Choose and Compare 3D CAD Software for Jewelry Design?

Post by Javier Odom »

3Design's HOWTO may be one of the best answers on the wild wild web to the question of how to choose and compare 3D CAD software for jewelry design. It does look a little dated. Maybe it is time to freshen this article, but without loosing the honest maverick style.

Best Bullet
Maybe one of the most amazing and underrated bullet points on the page:
  • We have developed our own 3D engine;
Best Comment
Perhaps one of the best backhanded comments, which should be left in this page, is in two parts. The first part is in the description of Rhino, "On the other hand, because of it’s adaptable, and multi-market nature, this solution isn’t as much dedicated to jewelry as the other software we mentioned. For example, the 3D engine (modeler) isn’t parametric and is mainly a surface modeler." Then the finesse of this next follow-up comment in the description of Stuller's Matrix & RhinoGold (now MatrixGold), "Since the 3D engine comes from Rhino, the development and construction constraints are the same as those of Rhino."

The 3Design article asks and answers ten great questions.
  • Are the different kinds of CAD Software?
  • Which Jewelry 3D CAD software is the most used?
  • What are the main differences between them?
  • Which features, or applications should I look for?
  • Do I need one global solution or different specialized ones?
  • Can I try them? And how can I get a demo?
  • What is the price of these Jewelry software? Where can I buy one?
  • How do I get more answers to help my research?
  • Which one is the easiest to learn
  • What kind of added services can I expect?
Unsolicited Update Recommendations
  • It says JewelCAD was last updated in 2001. I see updates in 2017.
  • What about Jewelry CAD Dream? Is there a JewelCAD Jewelry CAD Dream connection? JewelCAD was by Jewellry CAD/CAM Limited, and Jewelry CAD Dream is by Jewelry Cad Cam Masters, LLC. ZWsoft is the engine behind Jewelry CAD Dream, and ZW is a chinese outfit. I am not sure here because JewelCAD was doing its own thing in 2017 meanwhile Jewelry CAD Dream looks like it started around 2014. Either way, JewelCAD looks d.e.d. and Jewelry CAD Dream is in v14. It is a ZWsoft frontend application, similar to Matrix with Rhino.
  • There is no mention of FreeCAD in the entire piece.
  • It would be amazing if there was an entire open source/freeware section which provided links to all the current options available. One of the great things about this article is that it is not afraid to mention other products. This gives the reader confidence in 3Design's product.
  • It does not mention Maxon taking over ZBrush, as they say, ZBrush joining the Maxon family. BTW, Maxon's History page is full of awesome details, and is how companies should do their history pages.
  • Is WizeGem still around?
  • Isn't Clayoo just a Rhino addon?
  • Is T-Splines still in use? ("As of January 7, 2017 Autodesk will no longer develop new versions or sell the T-Splines, Shape Modeling, and Real-time Renderer Plug-ins for Rhino.")
  • Pretty sure VRay is a plugin for software that already does rendering.
  • Brazil is d.e.d. also.
  • Is DeepImage still integrated with 3Design? Also, DeepImage may want to up their SEO efforts because the AI links are a plenty.
  • Consider mentioning Maverick.
  • Maybe mention 3dCoat?
  • Matrix and RhinoGold's baby ... MatrixGold?
  • ZBrush's forum is archived and has "moved" to (sans the forum.php link).
It is a good read. Here is the link:
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Re: Howto Choose and Compare 3D CAD Software for Jewelry Design?

Post by David »

Pretty convincing article. Now I want to go buy 3Design!
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