How to Change Battery of Ebel Classic Wave Watch

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How to Change Battery of Ebel Classic Wave Watch

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This is mostly a reminder to myself, but if you have an Ebel Classic Wave that needs a new battery follow these steps:

You will want:
  • the watch
  • a 2x50 flat head screwdriver
  • container to store screws, crystal, gasket
  • new gasket if you intend to replace the existing (i do not remember the type and size of gasket)
  • cleaning putty if you like to use that to hold the screws et cetera
  • strong fingernails or some presto-type pullers
  • watch movement holder (dealers choice)
  • new cell
  • tweezers to remove the battery and possibly reposition the gasket (you choose on metal, plastic, and size)
  • silicone grease if you are into that
  • polishing cloth

Using the 2x50 flat head screwdriver, unscrew the five (5) screws on around the frond bezel of the watch.  There should be three screws on the left and two on the right.

Place the screws into a temporary storage container, or just set them aside in a safe place.

Lift the bezel which will contain the crystal, and place that in a safe place.

Using your fingernails or a presto-like puller, pull on the crown and remove the crown with the split stem portion.

Gently remove the watch movement by turning the watch upside down and placing it on the watch movement holder in a manner that would allow you to pull the battery.  I have sometimes just placed the watch dial and movement upside down onto the bezel and crystal.  This may be taboo, in which case please educate me and I will adjust course.

Using your tweezers of choice, pull the cell.

Insert the new cell.

If you need to replace the gasket, do so now.

If you are going to apply any silicone to the gasket, do so now.

Return the movement into the watch case.  Pay attention to the stem, and be sure to center it.

Take the split stem and crown and gently insert it into position.  You may need to gently turn it to get it lined up properly.  Continue to put pressure to the crown until it snaps back into position.  Test this by pushing all the way in, then pulling into the 1 and 2 (or 2 & 3 depending how  you count) positions, and turning the crown to see if it adjusts the date and time.

Place the bezel and crystal back onto the watch.

Screw the 5 (five) screws back onto the watch.  (If you are like me and like to put the same screw back into the same slot, this is a good time to flex your crazy.)

Set the time of the watch.

Clean the watch with the polishing cloth.

Go about your merry way.

Applies to:
EBEL Sport Classic
EBEL 1911
EBEL Discovery

Does not apply to:
EBEL Brasilia
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