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The Challenge of Locating Watch Instruction Manuals
What is the deal with watch companies making it so difficult to obtain instructions to set and maintain their watches?

The jewelry industry, including the watch industry, does seem to struggle with how to best utilize technology.  Companies like Omega are using video manuals, which is great, but those probably cost more than a PDF, and a PDF is more versatile than a video manual.  If you are going to go to the length of creating the video manuals, go ahead and take the extra hour or two to make the PDF as well.

If I had a bit of time for such a project, I would collect PDF versions of watch manuals and place them on an easy to search website.  I doubt the watch companies care, based on their obvious apathy so far, but if they could be convinced to pay such a website for special services, that would fund the site and make it a bit more worthwhile.

In the meantime, I have a few such watch setting instructions located at Watch Instruction Manuals.  If you are looking for anything in particular, let me know.
Take care, and God bless.
Javier Odom - Walt's Jewelers

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