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Thoughts on joining associations
What do you think of joining associations?
I do not see the return on investment but maybe I did it wrong.

So far I have not joined any associations. I asked some people about it and they said associations are for some people and not for others. This seems to make sense.
- David

This is definitely a personal preference.

If you are a new business, an Appraiser, maybe a Horologist, or to some extent even a wholesaler, being a member of an association has at least one obvious advantage.  That advantage is that it shows your customers and Clients that you are a professional of some sort.  It is not a guarantee, but most people see abbreviations and subtitles and automatically assume that person or organization is legitimate.  This applies to associations, degrees, certifications, and other affiliations.

If you are an established business, being a member of an association most likely does not hold a lot of benefits for you.  Sure, you could benefit from the above mentioned appearance of "legitimacy" to new customers and Clients, but this will not be a deal breaker for you.  How often have you NOT been a member of an association and you still get that association pricing or better?

There are also hybrid situations where you know you are not receiving much benefit but the cost is so minimal it does not impact you, or maybe you truly do find some type of benefit through your membership.  For example, usually businesses that join their local Chamber of Commerce are new businesses, businesses that just want some local connectivity, or large businesses that want to have as many "feelers" out there as possible.  Sometimes, just supporting the local Chamber of Commerce is itself a worthwhile cause, and if you happen to gain membership along the way so be it.

A lot of organizations focus on credentials and appearances over quality of products and services.  Beyond associations, a lot of businesses within the jewelry industry like to show how super charitable they are.  Be very careful not to be virtue signaling in any of your business, or personal endeavors.  This tends to start off from great intentions then usually gets watered down a bit.  Being in an association is often like that, starts off with great intentions then ends up getting watered down, and often forgotten until you get your annual renewal notification.

Reading this, you can probably determine where I personally stand on this.  That being said, I can see great value in any organization if you put effort into your membership.
Take care, and God bless.
Javier Odom - Walt's Jewelers

You are hilarious! There's a lot of virtue signalers in the jewelry industry. I used to be one of them! I'd go to charities that did hardly anything for whatever there so called cause was but all the people at the fancy dinners felt good about themselves. One day a guy asked me how much money actually went to the cause and I didnt know the answer. I asked a buddy of mine who was part of the charity and he said some number. I did the math and figured most of the money paid for the dinner and for running the charity!!! Another time aI saw a company saying they would donate money to some charity for each thing they sold and found out it was just an excuse for people to go golfing. Stupid stuff.
Charities are not associations but your answer on associations makes sense.

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