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Flashforge WaxJet 400 Wax 3D Printer
All of this information is taken from their website at the following link:

If you would like to comment on the accuracy of this, and/or your personal experiences with this device please feel free to do so.

Flashforge WaxJet 400

WaxJet 400, a large-size, high-precision, multi-jet wax 3D printer, can print casting wax patterns with smooth surface and high fineness. It is suitable for investment casting fields such as jewelry, crafts, precision casting and aerospace.

Application Scenarios:

Jewelry Industry
Digital mass production workshop solution for jewelry

Dental Industry
Digital solution for complete dentures

Precision Casting Industry
Digital casting solution

Art Foundry Industry
Digital casting solution

Parameter Specification
1600mm height
775mm depth
1352mm width

Product Specification
Printing TechnologyMultiJet Printing (MJP)
Build Volume289*218*150mm
Printing ModeXHD: 1200*1200*1600dpi, Layer thickness: 16um
Dimensional Accuracy±0.04mm/20mm
Power SupplyAC220-240V, 50Hz, 4KW
Equipment Dimensions1352*775*1600mm
Net Weight480kg
Gross Weight630kg
Package Size1530*900*1837mm

Software & Connectivity
Slicing SoftwareWaxJetPrint
Supported File Format.stl/.slc
Email Notification
Hard Disk Capacity500G
ConnectivityNetwork 10/100/1000, Ethernet/USB
Supported Operating SystemWindows 7 / Windows 10 (64bit)
Working EnvironmentTemperature: 18-28℃, Humidity: 30-70%

Material Specification
Material Name:FFWJ1100FFWJ1200FFMS3100
Material TypePart materialPart materialSupport material
Net Weight3.0kg/bottle3.0kg/bottle3.6kg/bottle
Composition100% Wax100% WaxWax support material
Melting Point68°C80°C55°C
Softening Point63°C70°C-
Volumetric Shrinkage①1.10%0.90%-
Linear Shrinkage0.70%0.70%-
Needle Penetration Hardness②97-
Ash Content③<0.01%<0.01%-
DescriptionHigh-precision casting wax materialHigh-precision dental casting wax materialHands-free dissolvable support material

① Volumetric Shrinkage SH/T 0588-1994
② Needle Penetration Hardness GB/T 4985-2010
③ Ash Content GB/T 14235.3-1993

Core Functions

One-button Automatic Printing
Import the model data via WaxJetprint. Find the file data in the print queue and click the “Print” button. The system will automatically complete printing the model.

Automatic Reloading & Material Run-out Reminder
2*2 material cartridge configuration; When one bottle of material is used up, it will automatically switch to another bottle.

Maintenance Plan
The maintenance plan is pre-installed in the equipment. According to the hours of use of spare parts, it will prompt the user to maintain the equipment in order to keep the equipment in good running condition.

3D Automatic Layout
Import in batch, customize the attributes, and select the area and height for automatic placement. The automatic 3D placement function selects the optimal solution through preset iteration times.
Take care, and God bless.
Javier Odom - Walt's Jewelers

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